Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's for Dinner?

We thought we'd missed it, perhaps escaped it or bypassed it.  But no.  It's here.


Okay, so there have been a few general taste shifts in pregnancy.  I now love eggs having previously liked them occasionally.  I love cooked mushrooms, when I used to pick them out of food, enjoying the flavour, but not the texture.  I used to like fish and now we have it at least once a week and it's generally regarded as the best flavor sensation in the world.  If you need a recipe for cooking salmon, let me know.

But aside from these little changes, like for two months hating the thought of chicken, I've avoided cravings.  Oh, sure, I was highly susceptible to suggestion.  Talk about chocolate cake for two minutes and all I wanted was chocolate cake.  Or to vomit.

Now it's all changed.  On Tuesday night we were all set to have chicken curry when suddenly all I needed out of life was a ridiculous amount of dim sims, wontons or similar.  We decided to have the chicken curry last night, but all I wanted out of life was a chicken pizza.  I don't normally like chicken on pizza.  We pan fried the chicken and made a delightful healthy pizza with other toppings such as celery, spinach, zucchini and green pepper (capsicum for you southerners).  And it was so good.  I even ate much of the chicken right out of the pan.

Adrian was reading a bit in bed last night, a book by Joel Salatin about sustainable and healthy farming, and he read a quote about McDonald's and Taco Bell.  Suddenly, I needed a taco.  Needed.  I couldn't sleep for awhile thinking about them.  I know that Taco Bell beef is not what you'd consider the cream o' the crop, but I wanted one.  Or, to be honest, about five tacos.  Nevermind the fact that I'd recently finished my healthy mixed berry smoothie.

We're having tacos for dinner.  Unless life requires something else by then.


  1. Ah, what fun! Too bad suggesting things you can only get in Canada is cruel...or I might.
    I'm glad your husband is allowed to eat chicken again. That must have been an ordeal. Or maybe having the menu change at last minute will be the fun ordeal for the next bit!

    I look forward to hearing more about your fun cravings...maybe a craving corner?

  2. oh I remember's a suggestion: homemade mac and cheese with bacon on top.

    The moment I heard that I had to make it. I gathered the ingredients and got to it. It said to prepare the bacon for on top and set aside. I had to taste it to make sure it was crispy enough. I ate all but 2 slices of almost half a pack. I crumbled them on top of the mac n cheese and pretended that's how it was meant to be.

    Another: Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. yum.