Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sleepy Sundays

Church was good this morning.  I like church, being fed and nourished.  During the children's message while Adrian was talking about what the cross is, not just an abstract thing, I thought about a moment I had a few years ago.

Often my brain and mouth do not have a conversation with each other before my mouth engages.  I've said some pretty odd things over the years.  This one happened after I was at a concert or recital at some church in Edmonton.  I had been staring at the wall cross behind the altar and it appeared to have a shelf on the bottom leg.  I got to thinking, "I bet there's a Jesus statue that they have that they could put up for Lent and special Sundays".  I thought about it, and the implications of it, and after the recital was over, went right over to the Pastor and asked excitedly, "Is there a Jesus?"

I backpedalled of course, and I think a helpful housemate helped to explain what I meant, but I still felt a wee bit silly!

After church today was choir.  Choir was good, but I get tired so easily lately.  I was going to post more, but I think I'll succumb to this sleepy Sunday and go have a rest.

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  1. I enjoyed your silly story. I know there are days and times when we all say something that just doesn't come out quite right.
    Hope you enjoyed your sleepy Sunday!