Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obscure Movie Quote

Hello everyone!  It's time to play a game.  It's a fun one, too.  It's called Obscure Movie Quote.  I'll quote some movies with obscure type lines (really self explanatory, I know) and you get to guess what they are in the comments section!  Some of them may be mildly misquoted.  If you get them all right, come on over for a home cooked meal.  If you get two or more right, come over for a coffee.  If you get them all wrong, it's time for you to hit the rental store.

As the quotes are obscure, they wouldn't be like this: "You had me at hello." (Jerry Maguire)  They would more likely be like this: "I love him for the man he almost is." (still Jerry Maguire)

Are you ready?

1.  "The ipecac is here with the juice glasses."  Sleepless in Seattle

2.  "5-6-7-8 MOO, mooooo..."  One Fine Day

3.  [Sung] "Oh false one, you have deceived me."  Pirates of Penzance

4.  "Baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation."  When Harry Met Sally

5.  -- "Elsie made her eggnog."
     -- "Word of the wise, drink soda."  While You Were Sleeping

6.  -- "I didn't kill my wife!"
     -- "I don't care."  The Fugitive

7.  -- "It was a shortcut."
     -- "To what?"
     -- "Mushrooms!"  LOTR - Fellowship of the Rings

8.  "You should always choose the lesser of two weevils."  Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

9.  "It comes as a surprise to me that you are fluent in cow."  Leap Year

10.  "Shoot the hostage."  Speed

11.  "Yarp."  Hot Fuzz

12.  "Is love a fancy or a feeling? Or a Ferrars?"  Sense and Sensibility

13.  -- "Do you dance as well as you boast?"
       -- "Better."  Anne of Green Gables The Sequel

14.  "And you'd had a letter and you'd had a letter and you'd had a letter and you'd --"  Clue

15.  "She doesn't get eaten by eels at this time."  The Princess Bride

16.  [Sung] "Put that thing back where it came from, so help me, so help me and cut."  Monsters Inc.

17.  "I ambushed you with a cup of coffee!"  Ronin

18.  "You make my bum twitch."  French Kiss

19.  "Buongiorno principessa!"  Life is Beautiful

20.  "What do you think I am? Dumb or something?"  Singin' in the Rain

21.  -- "There's no singing at the north pole!"
       -- "Yes, there is!"  Elf

22.  "That's a 7 letter word starting with 'b' that means your late father."  Auntie Mame

23.  [Sung] "Does whatever a spider-pig does."  The Simpsons Movie

24.  "You're probably wondering, what's a nice place like me doing in a girl like this?"  The Mummy

25.  "8 is a lot of legs, David."  Love Actually

26.  "Na na na na and really bad eggs."  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

27.  "Greetings, programs!"  Tron, the proper one

Good show everyone!  I expect most of you for coffee.  I'll just put it on now...


  1. Hello my dear... I know a couple of them...
    15. the princess bride
    18. French Kiss...
    19. Princess Diaries
    23. Simpson's the movie
    26.pirates of the Carribian (not sure which one)

    There are a few that I just can't think of them and it is killing me (okay that is an exaggeration)

  2. 1. Sleepless in Seattle
    6. The Fugitive
    10. Speed
    15. The Princess Bride
    19. Life is Beautiful
    21. Elf
    23. The Simpsons Movie

  3. 7. LotR
    10. Speed
    21. Elf
    23. Simpsons Movie
    24. The Mummy
    25. Love Actually
    26. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I recognized 4, but cheated so didn't count it.. I also recognized 9, but it was much more difficult to cheat on..


  4. adding to the other ones.. ( I only know the ones that have already been answered)
    16 - Monsters Inc

    fun quotes! I just had a movie themed night with the boarders. We dressed up as characters (me =Bridget Jones) and had some games, including a less difficult quote quiz!

  5. These are the ones I recognized that haven't been said:

    2 - When Harry Met Sally
    5 - While You Were Sleeping
    9 - Leap Year

    Thanks for this little bit of brain exercise Bec!

  6. Too fun! I know soooo many, but probably because we've watched sooo many of those together. Should I really spoil all the ones I know? Or should I go and pack? Maybe I'll make Evelyn play with me tomorrow...without checking other peoples answers first.
    SUCH FUN! (But I mean it, it is fun)

  7. even though it'll look like I have copied...
    25 is love actually I knew it straight away...
    16 Monsters Inc

    ...and that's all I got :)

  8. 3 pirates of penzance
    6 the fugitive
    10 speed
    11 hot fuzz
    13 zorro?
    15 princess bride
    19 life is beautiful
    21 elf
    23 simpsons
    26 pirates of the caribbean
    27 tron

    There were some others that seemed familiar, but I couldn't get them without cheating, so my responses aren't going up.

  9. i know that 4 is When Harry Met Sally, 12 is sense and sensibility, 13 is Anne of Green Gables, but I feel like not the first one maybe? and 20 is Singing in the rain!!! i JUST watched that!
    and I also know 1,6,10,21,23,and26... but all of those were already answered!

  10. oh gee, and after reading back on others' answers I definitely know 9 from Leap Year, I loooooooooove that movie so much!

  11. Hi! Thanks for the fun game. Evelyn and I played together tonight, and this is what we've come up with.
    1. Sleepless in Seatle
    2. One Fine Day
    3. Pirates of Penzance
    4. When Harry met Sally
    5. While you were sleeping
    6. we didn't get, but agree it could be the fugitive
    7. 10th Kingdom
    8. ?
    9. Leap Year
    10. Speed
    11. Yarp?
    12. Sense and sensibility
    13. Little Women
    14. Clue
    15. Princess Bride
    16. Monsters Inc
    17. Adjustment Bureau (or have you seen that one yet?)
    18. ?
    19. Life is Beautiful
    20. Singing in the Rain
    21. Elf
    22. ?
    23. The Simpson's Movie
    24. ?
    25. ?
    26. Pirates of the Carribean
    27. Tron
    How'd we do?

    Grr... I did this once already. Hopefully it posts this time!

  12. Sigh, I had forgotten I was playing for coffee. I may settle for CoffeeCat Chai Latte...

    We wavered between little women and Anne of Green Gables cause we couldn't quite figure out the scene.