Friday, June 3, 2011

Scrub a dub dub

There are days when everything gets to be a bit of a pain.  Perhaps baby just won't sleep even though he's been up far too long, and even though he's not grumpy, you know he needs sleep.  Maybe you've had to wash everything in the hall closet because you are (justifiably) insane regarding (terrifying) mothballs.  It could be that you hurt your toe, didn't sleep, have too many chores piling up and no energy, had spontaneous errands emerge, spilled your coffee or lost your hat due to the errant breeze.

On days like those, I like scrubbing dirty diapers.

It's ridiculously satisfying to actually make (literal) crap disappear when (figurative) crap seems to be piling up.  What other livelihood offers such a reward?

It's one of those scrubbing days.  Wanna brush?


1 comment:

  1. FYI--once those poops become more solid and stinky, it won't be as much "fun" to scrub the diapers...just sayin'...once they are to that point and you need some scrubbin' time, try the kitchen floor--the feeling is there too....or peeling potatoes or apples...heck shredding cabbage on a box grater gives the same feeling without the same smell...

    love you! Come make some coleslaw with me....