Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had a very odd dream this morning.

After walking through a big garden with a friend who we will call "Mel", and having deep talks about life, I ended up in a classroom where my belly started to twitch, my shirt was lifted from my belly, a scalpel was applied to my belly (all without pain I should acknowledge) and the next thing I knew my belly was flatter like it used to be but it had a very large unhappy frown mark on it.  There were no stitch marks.  When I asked the doctor why, he said that they try to butterfly caeser wounds nowadays as they heal faster.  I asked where my baby was.

Which one?  They asked.

Pardon? I was only pregnant with one.

No, no, you've had 27.

I'm sorry?  Who named them?  Did Adrian use the names we had chosen?

They told me the names.  They were not what Adrian and I had planned.  Apparently people had taken turns naming them.  I got angry about this.  Then I saw my 27 children.  They were all different from each other (except for the twins).  They all appeared to be two years old.

I think I'm getting scared about this labour thing.  Or perhaps my brain is still miffed at the gas station attendant who asked if I was pregnant with twins and I replied, "No, I'm just giant."

Because after all, only giants could have 27 toddlers with one relatively small scar.


  1. Good thing your dreams are usually as far fetched- mine are too. I don't think you need to worry about birthing 27 toddlers this time. (Wait til next time!)
    I'm amused by your dreams, but I think your and my dream factories are playing too hard lately. Crazy dreams!
    Can I name one???

  2. oh Wow 27! I hope your dreams calm down a bit! :) And I'm sure you are beautiful, people speak without thinking xx

  3. wow--I'm impressed--your belly was *flat* after you gave birth to 27? HOw did you manage such a feat? I'm still working on it over 1 year after my 3rd.
    I don't think you're giant--don't worry, all will be well.

    Love! (People asked me if I had triplets in there)

  4. I also like the fact that you were more worried about names than anything else--27 kids would worry me--diapers, feeding, sleep, arms to hold each and every one of them, and so on....
    (ev again)

  5. If you have 27 babies, I'll come down and help you babysit.