Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cheeky Butts

Oh, online shopping can be fun, can't it?  Especially when you get packages in the mail from places called "Cheeky Butts" and the parcel delivery lady can recognize you downtown and still knows your name.  Perhaps the second example shows how we've done a wee bit of the online shopping.  She's a nice lady.

Yesterday I got two parcels in the mail.  One was a delightful wooden toy to remind me of home and teach the child northern things.  Thanks to a lovely, frequently caffeinated woman whom we'll call "Nessa".  No, no, I mean, whom we'll call "Danger".  The other parcel was from the aforementioned Cheeky Butts.

It was diapers.  That is to say, it was a couple diaper ("nappy") covers.  We already have some, but we're just rounding out our set.  While searching for a few more nappy covers, I came across many a cloth diaper distributer online.  There appears to be an understanding between purveyors of reusable diapers that they must all be named using
  a) incorrect spelling
  b) bottom related puns
  c) baby talk
  d) content related puns, or
  e) all of the above.
During my search I came across such winners as Green Buns (hopefully meaning that they are eco friendly and not referring to poop colour), Bummis (see "c"), Kushies (a mispelling of cushy, which as we all know rhymes with "tushie"), Bumgenius (referring to leak proofing, I assume, and not the ability for its wearer to truly speak out of their bottom or perform other genius tasks), Fuzzibuns (which could be a cruel reminder of lanugo or refer to softness of diaper itself), Loveybums (which also has a subsection called Loveydoodles, obviously a "d" reference), Monkey Doodlez (aw, animal pooh! How exciting!), Cushie Tushies (only a slight mispelling, granted), Baby Beehinds (anything fauna apparently makes it cute to talk about human waste), Bumpy Buns (which just sounds cruel.  Who wants a bumpy diaper?), Pikapu (it's one of my favorite titles.  Go on, sound it out.  You know you want to.  Hopefully you're in public as you read this), PeaPods and Sugar Peas (which should turn you off your greens for a couple days if that's what you get to see inside), Happy Heiny, Organic Caboose (it would be cool/odd to see a train with an "organic caboose" and, for that matter, a human without one), Kissaluvs, Econobum (which makes me think of silly jokes about the child being a cheap bum or other similar three letter word beginning with "a"), Rumparoos (unfortunately this reminds me of the Polkaroo)  and Thirstees.  I also just found Hippybottumus.  Awesome.

Oh shopping for baby is fun! Except for when it's not.  Maybe that's why the items are labelled thus: it gives the parents a mild respite into giggle land when life gets to hard.

Kind of makes you want to give your own underpants a funny name, doesn't it?


  1. Just cover that bear, oops I mean bare bottom with a soft clean flanelette square folded in an anatomically fitting shape. Pin it in place and cover with a waterproof coating panty and once you've acheived this listen and look at your little ones contented growing facial smirk, for it's time to start again.
    Diapers, nappies, whatever... you'll wish you could have a penny for everyone you change and wash. Yet,there's nothing nicer than a line of diapers freshly washed and blowing in the wind. Most importantly there's nothing better than a baby who's freshly changed and content.

  2. no. I still don't want to name my underpants.

    Kushies is in town here. That's where I got mine--er, not *mine*, the kids--right from the factory outlet store--$5/diaper.


  3. Hippybottumus has to be my favourite from the samples, but possibly only because it's at the bottom. (teehee)

    A purring kitty would like to say hello. She's purring as she hunts out whatever it is she's misplaced under my desk.

  4. I am so glad the puzzle arrived and can be chewed on by your baby whenever they come :) Because I have always wanted to eat puzzles but was frighted (AH) by paint.