Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A List

I have a little list that's entitled "Needs for Baby and Baby's Room".  This is a very long list.  In fact, looking at this list makes me tired.  These needs are not all hard or expensive.  It's merely that list has become one of those lists.  You know the type.  The type that you clear off all but a few things and then realize that you missed a billion.  Or at least 62.

As we live in a more remote community, shopping is done in spurts.  There is a lovely little shop here in town, cute and completely overpacked.  This is not their fault.  It's just too small of a store for all that it tries to hold.  Shopping there also makes me tired.  It's like a physical representation of the mess in my mind and the mess that is my list.  Shopping therefore is more likely to happen away from town.  A fair amount was accomplished this weekend actually.  But as some of these were big ticket items (like crib/cot) they weren't all on my list, being obvious things needed.  It was saddening to pull out my list and not have the joy of stroking out very much at all.

Actually we picked up a couple small things that hadn't made it to the list either.  They were incidentals that when we saw them, thought, yes we need those, but they weren't big enough to have been written down on the list.  I'm thinking here of diaper pins.  Intrinsic, yes.  List worthy, apparently not.

This list has a flower doodled in the top corner.  It's a happy little flower.  It can't read.

Many of the dot points on the list have little notes jotted beside them.  Things like "in Perth, see [insert store name here]".  The internet is a handy wee tool for us ruralites (ruralees? ruralars? country folk?) except that the stores tend to only broadcast the prices of the big things.  So you can buy a change table, but can you find a change pad price to make a Perth trip shorter? No sir.  That would be helpful.

So here I sit, begging the internet to have decent websites, steadfastly ignoring the section of the list that doesn't involve shopping, but cleaning or crafting.  This part of this list scares me a little.  What if my crafting skills are just weak and end up causing more grief that usefulness?  Plus then I would have to get out of this chair and actually do something.

Eh, you talked me into it.  I go now to be useful.  Let's see if it works.


  1. I am glad I wooed you into action :)

  2. Lists are fun. They can also be daunting. You should be careful that no "rent barney videos to pre view them" arrives on that list. Definitely not something you need to do.
    Stop stressing! You've got an amazing husband, the house will soon be one giant baby zone...enjoy the time when you can think/talk about non baby things.
    I love you!