Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Gonna Sing Til the Baby Moves...

The child is being exciting this morning.  Recently it's gotten so tight in my belly that we can actually see it moving and changing position.  Somedays it doesn't stop moving.  Other days, it (I know, a terrible term, but "they" would be confusing and "he" or "she" would be misleading, so we'll stick with it for now) just relaxes and boots me occasionally so I don't panic.  Obviously the child has picked up the she'll be right mentality already.

Watching my belly is now one of my favorite pastimes.  It's strange and bewildering to know that there is a person, an actual little person, living inside me.  Watching this little Adrian-Rebecca mixture play inside an area previously used for nothing much exciting at all is an adventure.  I'm like a child watching a spin washing machine.  Every little bump and nudge is highly appreciated and encouraged.  It is fairly odd to watch your midriff change shape though.

It's kind of like this: do you remember as a child how you (or a friend of yours) had a small pet - a hamster or mouse or lizard or something?  And of course one day, it got loose when someone was holding it and it bolted up someone's pantleg?  Do you remember watching it creep around, changing the shape of their clothing and how they always had that freaked out expression of "that feels weird and creepy"?  Now imagine that being inside the person.  The shape and weirdness, not the hamster.  That would be wrong.  That's what I get to see most days.

It's been a fun little progression, this dance our baby has perfected.  First the soft movements, classified by all and sundry as "butterfly wings".  How someone decided this term was perfect, I don't know.  It felt more like .... um .... having had swallowed a cotton ball and then the cotton ball rubbing itself occasionally against skin.  Okay fine, it felt like butterfly wings.  Then kicks and jabs that astounded and shocked me with their strength - which I no longer feel, but Adrian can feel through my skin.  Now this.

It's a hoot.

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  1. I have found it fun setting babies in motion...a nice "Leopold Maneuver" will get most babies bopping around. I like to be kicked/swatted/nudged. It's fun when the body part looks like a whale breaching...
    Do you mean to say that all you have to do is sing and your baby will dance for you?