Friday, February 4, 2011

Mommy Moments

Hello to everyone out there in the blogosphere!

I've caved. I've cracked. I swore I'd never get a blog, and here I am, writing my first post.  But hey, I also swore I'd never marry a pastor and look where that got me!

I've decided to use this space for the overcrowded thoughts of my mind: a place to pour out stories, queries and oddments.  And truth be told, my mind needs a bit of airing out.  It's getting busy in there with the thoughts of the future and the preoccupations of the now.

At this moment a small person is growing inside me.  This bewildering miracle will be the source of much of my postings.  It's strange that such an ordinary happening as a child would cause so much change, not only to life and living, but to thoughts, ideas and goals.  I'm almost certain that every first time mother feels like no one has experienced what she's going through - not in a self important sort of way, but in a overwhelming, complex, everything is changing kind of way.  And anytime I share anything uniquely mommy that's happened to me, other parents nod and smile in that truly knowing way.  It's a strange sort of club we've entered.

Today I was walking past the shoes at the front door when I caught sight of a spiderweb.  Not content to just brush it away, the vacuum cleaner came out and I meticulously sucked it up.  Suddenly everything seemed vacuumable and I had a jolly time vacuuming shoes, crevices and corners.

This is not normal behaviour.  And, I fear, it's just the beginning.


  1. Hello darling,
    Welcome to blog land.
    I hope you are more regular than i have been.

    Love, your fella

  2. Hello! I look forward to reading your stories and thoughts (and hope too that they are more regular than Adrian's!)

    Welcome to Blogland.

  3. Oh cool! welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I look forward to reading! xx

  4. Your first post! Your first choice of blog-o-sphere wallpaper!
    Welcome! I look forward to reading your musings. I know your bump enjoys musing!!
    I will be linking you shortly- and maybe even get better at posting myself!