Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To the One I Love

Adrian is wonderful.

Over the past almost 8 months, I've been a roller coaster of emotions, energy/exhaustion, cautious/adventurous, but mostly just confusing.  It's not like I'm trying to be difficult.  It's just really weird how hormones affect things.

I don't think I'll go into that any further.

Through it all, Adrian has held me, loved me, reassured me, talked me down from crazy ideas, up from my lows, and stayed by my side.

He hasn't had backaches from carrying an extra weight, but he's had hand aches from rubbing my back and feet even on days when he probably needs the massage more than me.

He hasn't had cravings, but he's enjoyed whatever I've decided we needed to eat, and not complained even when I change my mind during dinner prep.

He's cooked for me when I'm too tired, never mind that he works so hard in the church and still takes care of me.  He's got out manfully to find me ice cream and dvds when I have no energy.

He's even willing to paint my toenails.

He makes me laugh when I'm crying, or just holds me and lets me cry.  He makes me cry from the thoughtful things he does.

He even laughs at my jokes that get garbled by baby brain.

He loves our baby and talks to him or her and loves our baby as much as he loves me.

He expects nothing in return for all his love, and doesn't care when I fall behind on all the house stuff that I claim as my duty.  He just loves me.

Adrian is wonderful.

This isn't my Valentine's Day post because he's more than just my Valentine: he's my husband, my other half, glued together by God.  I love you, Adrian.


  1. not your Valentine's post also because it's not Valentine's day--you missed it by over a week! :)

    Husbands are wonderful inventions...probably why God made man and woman as husband and wife--we need each other. Very glad you love your hubby too--mine's pretty wonderful!

  2. It made me cry to read this. To see how much my dear friend is loved by the wife we prayed so much for. You are one of those answers to prayer that we dare not hope for - better, more amazing than our dreams. I praise God for you and the way you love Adrian. I am thrilled to know you are married to him!

  3. :) I have a tear in my eye too...did you get through writing that without welling up. Praise God for Adrian he's a good bloke! :)