Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventure Feeding

Eating is just too simple.

Our little boy (hereinafter referred to as Son) is a delightful person.  He is awesome.  Everyday there are new reasons to love him and new ways that he astounds us.  I'm not sure if that always comes through on the blog as I sometimes blog tired.  He's a good little eater.

Sure, he's still trying different solids and getting into it, but he likes it! Unless "it" is sweet potato.  Sometimes with a new food it takes him a bit to enjoy it or understand it, but never has he had as hard a time as with bread.

Son is quite fond of sticking things in his mouth.  His teeth hurt his gums, you see.  We figured toast was a natural.  It would rub his gums and be good to chew.  Son was not so sure.  He would not bring it to his mouth (astounding in and of itself!) and if it were brought to his mouth he would not allow it entry.  This from a child who routinely eats paper and tries to eat a softball.  This from a child who will chew on his clothes and the furniture!

As he is at an adventurous stage, getting into everything high, low and unknown, we thought perhaps we could use this to our advantage.  Maybe we could leave bits of bread and other solids around the house and as he discovered them he might be tempted to eat them.  But then who knows what else might be tempted to forage about the place and finding a cheese stockpile or a veggie den.

Don't worry, we didn't.  A few days into the debacle of toast waving and subsequent ignoring, we got some of my homemade bagel into him.  He looked mildly concerned, but determined that it was indeed food and will now happily mung on bread.

He's taken this adventurous idea of fooding to a new level though.  He's now into acrobat feeding.  I breastfeed him lying down in a darkened room otherwise he gets excited and looks around and forgets to eat.  We lie down because he squirms too much otherwise.  And now he's decided that it's fun to roll on to his belly and get on to his knees while drinking.  Maybe stand and suckle.  Go for the difficult shot and if I try to get him into the right position again, he'll be up and on the other side, rocking his head from side to side as he incorporates gymnastics into the relatively calm task of eating.

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  1. Ah, your Son is just trying to make life fun. Why not make every facet of your life interesting? Eating shouldn't be dull (not that I recall the eating to be dull around you!)

    HUGs to that awesome boy!
    Now to do laundry