Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Okay, so maybe I'm an old person married to an old person with a rather young person for a son.  Perhaps we oldies aren't so old as we feel, we just feel that way due to lack of sleep (see young person, teething).  At any rate, I have no energy/drive to go out dancing even though I love it.  It's fun, it's energizing, it's physical activity that doesn't involve laundry: it's just great.

Fortunately for my sad tootsies, I have other options that involve fun, energizing, physical activity and don't involve weight lifting an 11 kg-9 month old.  I play softball twice a week and walk and, on very special occasions like today, I make bread.

I love making bread.  It smells amazing.  It's a patience builder.  It tastes fantastic and it's special because it takes so long.  Today I made bagels (Fig. 1).  First time for bagels, and they weren't hard.  And they taste great.  It's good to have a vent for frustrations too (see young person, gets into everything)!  And pounding dough sure does it.

But bread is an effort, so I'm glad I've got softball.  When I volunteered, I did so with trepidation.  I was never great at sports whilst younger, perhaps because I had no balance for awhile, perhaps because I was afraid of the ball.  But I like ball.  Makes me think of home.  It's quite different to just being a token Jays (or Tigers! but only if my grandparents aren't looking) fan.  And I'm very glad I'm playing even though I feel stupid most of the time as my brain is tired (see young person, sleep regression) and, quite honestly, I don't have a natural sports brain.

Even though I feel worn out and great after these activities, I sure would like to go dancing.  Those red shoes need to spin...

Fig. 1


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  2. Mmm...
    looks yummy.

    We should share some music for dancing next time we chat. I'll dance with you!!

  3. oh the bread looks great Rebecca! Glad to here you are playing some "ball" :) xx