Sunday, February 5, 2012

Milk Cravings

A long time ago - nearly 10 months if you can believe it! - our son was born (hereinafter referred to as Little Boy).  The first few months were intense with round the clock feedings and getting him to realize which was night and which was day.  They were intense with joy as well.  They were a time of discovery in so many ways.

One thing that was interesting to note was that when Little Boy was upset, he expected me to be able to fix it.  And he thought that the easiest way for Mom to fix it was with her milk.  Even now, when he eats plenty of solids, he still yearns for milk for comfort as well as nourishment.  (Before you get your knickers in a knot, no I don't always let him feed whenever he wants it, but I'm not adverse to some comfort feeding.  We're into attachment parenting.)

And to be to fair to Little Boy, a feed will help when you have a belly ache, or when you are cold and a tired little bloke.  Milk is awesome.  It's the perfect food for a baby (if you cannot feed, or there are other issues, I have no problems with formula.  I'm just glad I'm able to feed him.)!  As they study milk, they learn more and more good things about it that help babies grow and develop.

Over the months, Little Boy has grown up so much.  He's changed in many ways, and stayed the same in some others.  While he's now craving his mother's milk, I do hope that he will always crave pure spiritual milk (1 Peter 2:2-3) and whenever he has a problem will turn to God and trust him with it.  To be steeped in the Bible and to keep lapping up the Gospel to grow him and to nourish him.

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  1. Darlin'! Very sweet post. HOw is the little man doing today?