Thursday, March 15, 2012


Our wonderful and incredible son has a nickname: Destructo.  Sure, it sounds like he should have a cape and dwell in darkness, but he gets quite enough done in the daytime thankyouverymuch.

He's exploring his world! And doing a thorough job of it, too.  The world must be settled, and his pointer shall lead the way.  It's just coincidental that exploration is accompanied by destruction, no?

For example, one day he discovered the bathroom.  He discovered the long towel and rolled it all over the floor.  In fact, in this house, it's a good idea to determine where the toilet paper is before you get down to business.  He also discovered a kleenex box and how it works.  He was about to discover a toilet brush but was encouraged not to by his mother.

He's pulled over side tables (one dented the wall and went away as it tipped too easily).  He's opened drawers and emptied them.  He's destroyed nice, neat piles of laundry.  He's pulled mulch out the garden, rocks out of the planters, ripped cords out of appliances, sent a text message(!), daily pulls books and dvds off shelves, attempted to throw the dvd player on the floor, thrown any number of telephones on the floor, mangled and consumed a phone book (okay not all of it. Yet.), broken a solid plastic container, bashed his mother in the face with a wooden toy (he thought he was sharing), broken a glass (mom shouldn't have left it there), spilled Mom's raspberry lemonade on the red couch (seriously, Mom was being stupid and not thinking).  His favourite pastime for awhile was removing whilst tasting all of the shoes from the shoe rack.      It got to the point where we put the shoe rack away, leaving out only the necessary shoes (2 pairs for me, 4 for Adrian... hmm).

Destructo has a new trick, though.  He's started putting things away.  When I found him this morning he had shoved as many shoes as he can into an old stewing pot that he plays with.  Wonder what's next.  Maybe he'll fold the laundry? Clean the toilet?

Don't worry, he does have adequate parental supervision, but he does like to get up to things.  I should go take stock of the days' disasters.  Goodnight.


  1. I love your writing! so entertaining! He sounds like he's keeping your... I was going to say toes but hands knees cleaning up after him sounds more like it. Let him know that if he's sends me a text I'll text him back some ideas of places he might not have looked yet! x

  2. Aha...this also serves as a warning to grandma, hmm? And everyone else on the airplanes with you.

    Love how active and inquisitive your cutie is!!

  3. Destructo seems quite entertaining.


  4. :) you do have an entertaining way of writing Rebecca! he's almost a big one year old! does he give you a cheeky grin before he does these things ;) x

  5. I can't wait to meet Mr. Destructo in person--soon! Looks like we'll be making the journey en masse with Uncle Petey too!