Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Proudest Moment of My Life

It's a special day for us.  It's our anniversary.  Three years ago today, I met my husband.  On that day I was confused, bemused and a little sad that I wouldn't get to know this genuinely interesting man any better.

But I did.

On the day Adrian said he loved me for the first time, I got a thrill which shot through my soul and sung in my heart.  I floated around on a cloud for a long time, while sorting out my life.

On the day he proposed I felt like my face would crack in half from the intensity and hugeness of my smile.  I would randomly break out in laughter - joy burst out of me at the seams and filled the air.

On the day we were married, I felt my life change and our life truly begin.  "I" became "we".  A feeling of contentment and elation filled my heart.  All those little frustrations couldn't get to me in my cocoon of happiness, but melted away.

On the day we knew we were pregnant, we danced and cried and laughed in the bathroom.  Quietly, of course.  We had company and our news was a secret of our own to cherish and ponder.

On the day our son was born, pain like I've never known racked my body, but the end result was worth every moment of it.  Jesus was right (John 16:21).   As he lay on my chest, all wet and new, I beamed.  This new life in the world is ours to grow and love and mould.

All of these days were full of happiness, excitement, surprises, joys, completely covered in blessings and swamped in changes.  Steeped in hope, as it were.

This last Sunday was special and incredible in its own way.  On that day, our son was brought to the waters of baptism and given new life.  He was adopted into God's family.  He was refreshed and restored (to a place he'd never been).  I knew going into it that it was going to be something different, but I wasn't prepared for the tears that welled in my eyes as he was baptized.  I wasn't to know that joy would well out of my soul and ring in my heart and shine out my eyes.  I didn't realize that I would be prouder in that moment of what God had done and was doing than I'd ever been of any minor thing I could do.

I almost spoiled it, you know.  I almost let frustrations from the week cloud my mind and change my focus from what was happening.  The broken toaster, the busted oven, the lack of sleep and other things that just weren't going to plan.  Thankfully, the Spirit pulled me into line and I truly focused on what God was doing and let go of the other stuff.  It's just stuff after all.

On this day, I look over at my husband and think on our years, apart and then together.  They've been hard.  They've been full.  They've had challenges and looked impossible sometimes.  They've been covered in blessings, filled with love - from family, friends and my new family of husband and son.

Any of these days the bad little things can come in and wreck the moment, spoil the joy, sour the happiness.  I've let them do it sometimes.  None of these days were perfect, but I thank God for all of them and pray to remain steeped in hope; focused on Him and humbly grateful for all that He has given.

I hope you are, too.


  1. This is wonderful Rebecca. I particularly can resonate with the final paragraph. You write so beautifully. Glad that sunday was such a special day for you guys!

  2. HOORAY! Lots to celebrate! I'm a rather proud Auntie!!! God's blessings!!