Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to you...

Yesterday I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday.  He said it wasn't his birthday yet.

This north/south divide thing gets to me sometimes.

So in the hopes that this is now Pete's birthday and I haven't missed it via the magic wormhole of time (which makes no sense when you think about it.  Time, I mean, not wormholes.  Star Trek obviously shows that there are wormholes.  As do worms, when they make holes and live in them, but probably they aren't the wormholes of which we deliberate.  Unless of course, the worm is called "Time", but then it was a grammatically incorrect sentence earlier and who needs that?)

To my brother: I wish you well.  Seriously.  Get better. ;)  No, really, I'm highly glad to have been blessed with siblings who are friends as well.  You are a splendid brother, Pete, and I'm proud of you.  We pray that your birthday, whenever it is, goes well and is filled with splashes of happiness, bursts of joy, and some delicious cake.  Everything is better with delicious cake.

Happy Birthday also to my second eldest niece.  Happy Anniversary to my parents.  Happy Birthday soon to a nephew.  May sure is busy!

Birthdays are a good time to reflect on God's blessings.  Birthdays are a good time to stop and cherish them.  Don't get hung up on those things that people think about on birthdays.  Age is a silly gauge of time.  It means nothing after awhile.  A birthday is kind of a new start; I wonder where this year will take you, Pete.  Hopefully to my place! I'll bake a cake.  And dinner.


  1. I'll send you a picture of my delicious cake--it was pretty much instant--I didn't feel like baking for myself, but it was tasty. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  2. And that was his 2nd cake, we didn't take pictures of the cherry chip one with chocolate chips in the vanilla frosting spelling out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER". (It was yum).
    Happy Birthday again to P and A and happy anniversary to mom and dad.

    Time the worm, hmm? Not a bad thing to have little man call his first pet worm, do you think?