Sunday, May 8, 2011

Standing in the Doorway

You know how in every movie where there is a child, there's that obligatory scene where the parent leans on the doorframe and watches their child sleep?

It's because that's what parents do.  This sense of contentment steals over you as you watch your sleeping babe, knowing that they are content.  You watch dreams steal across their face and try to see their future in the shape of their chin.  Most of all, you stand immersed in blessings with a dreamy half smile.

All the middle of the night screams are forgiven.  All the scary moments gone.  Tiredness drifts off to sleep and all that's left is the love that you started with, but now the clouds are gone and it can shine.

I'm sure it's a timeless thing; parents stand at the doorway and look into their child's life.  Not limited to one place, but all cultures do it.  Many that's why the films employ it.  That moment resonates in everyone's soul, whether they stand and stare in awe, gaze happily, or worriedly hold them in prayer.  You treasure every little sound they make and memorize the way they look today as you know tomorrow they'll have grown again.

On this mother's day (my first!), I'm experiencing all the joys and stresses of motherhood for the first time.  This doorway thing is one of the good ones.  Gazing at my son is one of my happy things.  The night he was born, I barely slept.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of him!

The time in the doorway makes me thankful for the wonderful people that my parents are.  I wonder how many times they stood and stared at me and me and my siblings.  They did so many other splendid things.  Being a parent really makes you appreciate all that your parents did.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!

My mom has said to me that some of these thoughts I've posted are thoughts she's had (probably she means the sane ones).  Perhaps motherhood is a constant?  I'm so glad for my mom and the help she's been as we get to know our little man!  Very glad for my mother-in-law too, as she's been a great help as well.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have someone I need to go stare at.

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