Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To do some more

I haven't written much lately.  I could tell you it's because I'm not on the internet much, but that's not quite true.  I don't spend tonnes of time on it, but I certainly check facebook and buzzfeed.  I could tell you it's because I have nothing to write, but that's completely untrue.  I write posts in my head - just outlines and titles, certain phrases.  Indeed, part of why I haven't written is because I have things to write.

Our family is getting bigger again in January (please God).  It makes me very happy to know this, but also very tired.  There is this state that I like to call "first trimester" wherein all one has energy for is lying on the couch and feeling nauseated.  However, when one has two children, aged 2 and less and than 1, lying on the couch is not an option. Not until nap time.  So when I thought about blogging, it remained thought.  And on the off chance I had energy, I had this news to share, which I couldn't share yet.

And with this lovely news, comes a brand-new to do list filled with all sorts of things that are important and need doing.  Indeed, this list combines many things. So many that I haven't been able to bring myself to write it down. When will accomplish these things? Nap time is only so long and my couch is ever so inviting.  Plus, I do get stuff done on the couch - like folding laundry.

At any rate, this post is turning into a great big stall instead of what it was meant to be: two lines to indicate that I have a big to do list that I am afraid of -- well, not afraid of, more overwhelmed by -- and which therefore I have not scrawled down on a scrap of paper as is my usual modus operandi.

Without further ado or rambling except for this sentence which promises to get longer and longer -- hey look, clouds! -- I shall post my to do list with the hope that you will help me get things done by occasionally saying "Hey, how's that item on your to do list going? Or are you just a giant slacker who gets nothing done? And why are you not working on something right now? Because you appear to be checking online to see if I'm holding you accountable, and frankly that's just adding things to my to do list and that's not fair, missy!". Or perhaps you aren't saying that at all.  All I can say in my defence, is head colds and housework don't mix.

To Do List (some of these items are in fact permanent fixtures of the list. They get ticked off, but never removed as they are to be done on a daily or weekly basis.  Just like me. I get ticked off, but never removed from the housewife roster. (Is that the longest title you've ever seen to a list? I'm such a good procrastinator. Procrastinator is a cool word.  Like terminator.  Or lemur.))

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • wash nappies (a subset of laundry, sure, but deserving of its own line)
    • fold nappies
  • sweep
  • vacuum
  • clean bathrooms, sinks
  • wash floor
  • eat chocolate
  • make dinner
  • bake with the children
  • paint the boys' new room
    • buy paint. Spend weeks agonising over colour choice and end up choosing in two minutes
    • realize will never have time/energy to paint boys' room
    • hire painter
    • wait for painter to be available
    • move everything out of boys' new room for painter
  • move the furniture into the boys' new room
  • paperwork that appears from nowhere and always seems to be the same thing as that which I've just accomplished
    • misplace paperwork
    • find and complete paperwork in the final weeks before it is due, feeling stressed and frustrated
  • clean out storage room
  • determine where the old furniture from the boys' new room will go
  • set up nursery
  • go for a walk
  • potty train eldest
    • there is a whole subset list to this which may become its own blog post, provided I can do it in a way that is truthful but not too scarring for life for my child
  • develop outdoor hobby
    • write blog post about outdoor hobby
  • determine when swimming lessons start up again and sign up children
  • put away toys
    • develop a better system for toys being away
    • buy storage containers, OR
    • throw away all toys and give children one cardboard box to play with
  • Christmas shopping (I like to get the international stuff done early)
  • ultrasound
  • sort through the boys' clothes, getting out larger and putting away smaller
    • also, the closets for nappy exchange
  • correspondance
  • prepare for second son's birthday party
    • invitation
    • decoration (thoughts/ purchase/ make/ arrange)
    • cake
    • other food
    • clean house first. AND after. (This always seems unfair to me.  Is it wrong to give guests dustbusters and tell them to look after themselves?)
  • vehicle exchange
    • find suitable vehicles
    • realize that there are no suitable vehicles within a 350 km radius of home
    • get frustrated
    • figure it out
  • reorganize pantry
  • make playdough
  • buy carseat
    • research carseats
  • buy chest of drawers
  • desire to go to IKEA
  • look through IKEA catalogue
  • go to IKEA, but not for a few months yet, so can be super pregnant and cranky whilst shopping with a little boy and toddler
  • lament living in the middle of nowhere
  • go to the park
  • run errands
  • go to the library
  • put away DVDs and books and everything else that the toddler has strew about the house
  • teach children a foreign language
  • or how to count to ten
  • or what, metaphysically, is a horse
  • realize need new maternity pants
    • purchase pants in 2 minutes during online shopping, having no time to be leisurely at shopping even in own house (after being frustrated that a local clothing shop will not stock them as live in too "regional" an area - because as we all know, people in small towns do not have babies)
  • work on boys' baby books
  • and scrapbooks
  • look longingly at coffee pot and wonder when coffee will taste good again
  • sort photos on computer
  • back up computer
  • print photos
  • more correspondence
  • set up playdates
  • groceries
  • figure out what toddler will eat now that he wants to feed himself
  • make soup anyway because soup is delicious
  • develop head cold at the same time as children and try to care for them and keep moving
  • read that book about toddlers 
  • and that other book that is made of funny things
  • edit
  • clean out laundry
  • buy steam cleaner
  • find beautiful print of the Lord's Prayer
    • get frustrated with etsy
  • mail correspondence
  • read terrifying article about canola oil
    • buy sunflower oil
    • realize that sunflower oil works and tastes better
  • buy more kleenex
  • dance
  • teach boys to be good men
  • go to the beach
And there is probably more. I'll come back to this and add or cross out as I finish things.  How's your to do list going?


  1. how do you make that new kleenex dance? You put a little boogie it it!

    Hugs--you can have one of my vans--I'll just drive it over the ocean to you! I love you, you know....I know that feeling of no sleep ever...I don't think it gets better
    <3 Ev

  2. I find that lists can be helpful and scary at the same time. Congrats for getting a list written! Would love to be better able to help you accomplish something on it!

  3. I'm praying for you and all you feel need to do that God will bless and help you in all that must get done and the rest will get done as needs be.
    love and hugs,
    Grandma (Mom)

  4. Dancing a bit to Feist- to do, to do, to do some more, toujour, to do to do some more, comme ca....

    The list has changed (or my brain didn't notice the first time) - blue is there to help see ones you're trying to do daily, hmm?

    I love you. Don't stress the little things. Aim for one of the "non-essentials" per day- and try to get some down time.