Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Ashley and Owen

Congratulations, my wonderful friend!  Congratulations, very smart man!

I'm so happy for both of you that you have been married this weekend.  The weather cooperated, the dress was gorgeous and it was great to see your smiling faces on that day - that special day when God made you one forever.

(No, I didn't sneak in the back, I saw a photo.)

Here's to you as you take these first steps as husband and wife.  Here's to you as you reorganize cupboards and share the closet.  It's surprising how much room men's clothes can take up in a closet.  Here's to you as you share meals and cookbooks, get into a rhythm, start traditions, discover quirks that have remained hidden the last couple years.  Here's to you as you struggle through small spats and get over inadvertent wounds.  They happen when people fuse together a life.  If welding can cause a bit of heat, people are much worse.  And harder to melt and reform.  So here's to you as you forgive and salve hurts in the little ways that only you can, as you hold each other, kiss and dance to the music that you can agree on.

Here's to the future, full of memories yet to be made, adventures yet to be taken, paths yet to be walked.    Here's to you as you share your love and your lives -- that is to say, your life.  Here's to you as you work at maintaining your friendship as well as cultivating your love.  Here's to silly moments that only you two know about.

Everyone raise your glass to this lovely couple as they celebrate their two day anniversary.  Every anniversary is worth celebrating, after all.  We wish you all the best and will keep you in our prayers.

PS - I hear Western Australia is a lovely place for a honeymoon.

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  1. Western Australia is a lovely place for a vacation...

    All the best to Ashley and Owen throughout your life together!