Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loving a Newborn

As I type this, I have a beautiful five and a half week old boy in my arms.

Did I mention that he's beautiful?

Newborns are amazing.  They are so helpless and fragile and at the same time so strong.  They take up so much time.  They sleep easily and often (but not always when you want).  They grow so quickly and change so much.

I don't have much time to spend just with my littlest fellow, but I try to enjoy the time I do (and yes, I will admit, I don't always enjoy it, but I always love him.  He's had a few difficult crying jags and then there's that whole spews on me thing.).

I love special time set aside to love this newborn.  Kissing his cheeks, nuzzling him, hugging him, talking to him as he grows in front of my eyes.  Hearing his different noises, enjoying his facial expressions as he starts to discover the world around him.

And watching him dream! Oh it's delightful.  He's only smiled for real a few times at this point, but each time it just melts my heart.

Loving a newborn is intense:  little sleep, lots of trying to get things done with one hand, trying to figure out new sounds and cries and all sorts, protecting him from his brother, lots of spew...

But golly, he's amazing.


  1. I bet he is amazing!


  2. *immense* amounts of spew on this end....but still, my 6-week-old is more than wonderful

    I'm tired. You? :)