Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've not written much lately.  Parenting to the level 2 is difficult.  Not bad, just busier.  Also, my arms are full of love a lot.  Like now, for instance, which causes me to type one handed.

Man, he's cute.  And dreaming about eating, apparently.

One thing that I really miss about Canada (which also makes me miss certain people a good deal) is Thanksgiving.  While we can't get together with the extended family and experience apple festivals and fall colours, we can still have a fantastic meal.  This year, our good friends Tom and Chelsea are visiting, so that helped to make it festive.

We had a roasted chook with homemade stuffing, rolls, butternut squash Odesa style, mashed potatoes (because I am the queen of mashed potatoes), beans, fancy cheeses, sparking wine, apple pie (with cheddar cheese and ice cream).  It was delicious.

We spent a bit of time sharing what we are thankful for.  There is always so much for which to give thanks!  Like my dear husband.  It's our third anniversary tomorrow.  I love how Thanksgiving and our anniversary are tied together, because I truly give thanks for him and the two beautiful products of our marriage.  My heart grows bigger everyday when I enjoy my sons as they grow and change.  It's quite challenging, being a mother and even more so to be a good one.  I do my best and I'm glad they are forgiving!

I give thanks for friends and family near and far, even though it hurts to love people far away.  I miss you, you know.  Come visit!  I give thanks for health and needs met.

Mostly, I give thanks for that God has done for us in Christ Jesus.  I need that grace to stand, to keep going, to love my family better.

Happy thanksgiving.  Happy reflective time to you.  Happy you.


  1. I too miss you this time of year...so glad to have spent last years thanksgiving with you and your boys!

    I will also chime in that I give thanks for all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ!! Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary too! We love you--can you believe that a short 3 years ago you were at the church waiting for us to arrive--that slowpoke sister of yours! And you were child-less at that time and I had only 2 monkeys--not 4! Wow--what a long time ago!

    Hugs and so much love,

    (Max is currently singing a song from Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (yes, a spin-off of Mister Roger's Neighbourhood) very cute!)

  3. So Much To Thank Our God for,
    I can't help but praise God.
    Family, children, grandchildren, all 9 ! health, all that God has blessed us with and most importantly our salvation through Jesus Christ our LORD.
    "Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices!"