Thursday, October 25, 2012

11 Things

I write a good deal about certain things in my life, but I thought it might be fun while I have a few spare minutes (nap time!) to mention a few others.

1.  I have an ongoing battle with a bird.  It decided that this was its house a few months ago and perches on window ledges, pooping on everything, tapping the glass and making everything yucky looking.  It will not go away and it would not be right to kill it.  Recently it has decided that it (he? she?) now owns the house and took to attempted to scare us off by flying really close to our heads in a bird intimidation manoeuvre.  I will admit, it was slightly scary, but mainly I was wanting it not to bug my kids.  If it bugs my kids, I may have to change my mind about what's right...

2.  My favourite colours are brown and green.

3.  I'm trying to instil a love for music in my sons, so we often play various genres on youtube and dance around the house.  I also just love the laughter that comes... and seeing which ones my eldest likes.  I've also learned a few songs from this when Adrian chooses the tunes.

4.  I have not legally changed my last name even though I've been married for three years.  Immigration stuff impeded the change and I've not gotten to it yet.

5.  I will not watch horror movies, but for some reason felt compelled to watch part of Jaws 2 when it was on television a couple days after I found out that there was a white pointer (great white) hanging around the beaches in the area.

6.  When I get into a book, I will not hear people talk to me and I just want to finish it.  For this reason now that I have children, I tend to read books that I've already read so they won't distract me to the same point.

7.  I don't appreciate it when songs are not bleeped on the radio.  And I've reached that stage in life when I don't know popular music anymore.

8.  I read more nonfiction (on purpose, vous savez, school reading does not count) since becoming pregnant with my eldest.  Sometimes fiction feels like a wasteful use of my time.  But then so does facebook and I still end up there...  I'm currently reading two books (French Kids Eat Everything and Plastic Free)

9.  I have damaged enough of my joints over the years to get very stiff and sore at the end of long days.

10.  I've never been a morning person, but I now enjoy waking up around 6 every morning. It would be better to do it without a glass of water poured on my face though...

11. When I got my hair cut into its recent style, which I do enjoy, I was sad when Adrian and I both realized independently that it looked like a Bond girl's (from License to Kill) at sometimes.  And when messy, Luke Skywalker's.


  1. At the Conservation Authority we had a bird that did that - very creepy. We put up stickers of predator birds (they are just a black shadow looking window decal about the size of two open hands) and an owl figure. Maybe something like that would help scare this little guy off.
    I do like the idea that you have Luke Skywalker hair and am glad you find time for Facebook.

  2. Yay for brown and green. And for fun hair. I'm sorry about that bird. Maybe you need a big bird for your front lawn.

    I may do an 11 things on my blog - stay tuned.

    Why was there water on your face? Has this happened on more than one occassion?

    I still love fiction...and have a few new ones to read!! Yay me.