Thursday, July 19, 2012


I'm not on pinterest, but I must admit that sometimes when I have a few minutes of time, I like to look at people's pinned pages via facebook.  It seems that all of my friends who have a pin-board (I'm not sure that that's the correct terminology) have a page devoted to food and I love the food.

For some reason, every recipe pinned to has a gorgeous shot of whatever was made.  It's like a glossy new cookbook just for me.  I love cookbooks with good pictures.  They really help to motivate.  This pregnancy, I've been really into cooking/baking.  It could be something to do with trying to figure out foods that a small fellow whose teeth hurt would want to eat.  It could be that I'm hungry all the time and the pictures are too darn pretty.  It could just be that I've always loved cooking and baking and I've just told myself to get over the fact that I hate doing dishes and make them dirty anyway.

The odd thing about the joy of discovery of these new sites of recipes is that I find is that it's making me less inclined to blog.  I think I've figured out why.

  • I see a pretty picture.
  • Read a recipe.
  • Think, "ooh" or "mmm" or "no, not really"
  • Then realize, "hey, they have a whole folder of recipes"
  • Scan through the recipes.
  • They often have step-by-step pictures of how-to
  • A picture is very compelling and beguiling and man am I ever hungry.
  • "Hey, I make good food from scratch and play with recipes"
  • "I should post recipes on my blog"
  • But I never take pictures of the during as I'm trying to do it as fast as possible as the little boy is not so helpful with the kitchening at this point.
  • And I rarely take pictures when the food is done, because it is delicious and I am hungry and "oh I'll take a picture tomorrow".
  • So I don't post a recipe because "what is a recipe without out the beautiful, drool-causing photo?"
  • And then I don't blog because much of my life is playing with a small person, cleaning and cooking.  It's not that fun to blog about cleaning.  The little person is awesome but I don't want to share everything with the internet land.
  • And I don't have that much spare time anyway.  I'm pretty much, go go go all day long and then enjoy time with the hubby in the evening when the work is done.
  • So when I catch that spare moment, I pop on facebook (which is much less exciting than it was in uni, probably because there is no logic homework to ignore), and hope someone has been pinning so I can look at recipes (and sometimes mother-ideas which often make me feel inadequate, but that is a whole other thing).
But, I did take a picture of the perogies I made, so they will show up.  I mean, when I have time to upload photos.

Hmm, garlic cheese fingers.


  1. homemade rouladen with brotknoedel--we made some knoedel the other day--SO yummy! And easy too...(we ate them with hotdogs though--not quite the same effect)

    or some yummy kartoffelpuffer! mmmm...I have easy recipes for all three items...
    email if you want them!

  2. Are you my sister? What language is it that you now speak? (Ev I mean). I understand most of bec-speak. hehehe. No, but what sort of dishes are these German words? I don't spreken ze deutzch...or spell it!

    Thanks for blogging- even if no food pictures appear, it's still fun to read. I should blog again at some point. Mayhaps this weekend.

    Thinking about a Jane movie this weekend.