Monday, July 9, 2012

Quickly then

This shan't be a long post.  I've been quite busy lately.  Not that posting isn't important and I do have many posts waiting to be written, but I've got some things to get done that take precedence.

Today I made two chocolate cakes and shall not eat a bit of either.

Little fellow and I have come to an understanding about food, though it's still a bit of an experiment all the time.

Little fellow is weaned!  Woot!

Laundry and dishes are dull.  I just thought I'd say what everyone was thinking.

My second child lives under my ribs as did my first.  It wasn't comfy then, it ain't now.  12 weeks to go!

I'm slightly scared of having two kids.  But only sometimes (the scared, I mean, not the kids).

I think the Fugitive is a great movie.

Wintery days (Cool, dim, windy) are good days for walks, even with a stroller.

Swings are the coolest things ever.

Buying stuff online is good to battle instant gratification.  I've been waiting for my new maternity clothes for forever.  Or at least a week.

Facebook and television are a waste of life.  Limit them.

Water is good for you and delicious.

I would like to cuddle with my husband now.

I would also like a pedicure.  I can still reach my feet and should probably just do it myself.

Reading the same board book 20 times in an hour is boring.

The tone and style of writing in the Harry Potter series changes as Harry gets older and becomes less story and more real-ish.  Is this because her writing style change or she attempted to write the way Harry would have thought in his development?

I bought a pair of black leather boots on sale for $10, marked down from $172.  I felt guilty and almost offered to pay more.

Free range eggs are yellower.

Yellow is a happy colour.

Adrian is good at backrubs.

I only have one more can of tinned tomatoes and keep forgetting to buy more.

I'm all out of red licorice.  I ate the last wee bag of nibs today that I'd saved from the Canada trip.

It's a good night for a cup of tea.

And to snuggle.

I think we'll watch a movie now.



  1. Rowling grew as an author, but also assumed her readers would be growing as they read.

  2. so, from this i see you need new mat clothes (mine are all getting too small for me now and I won't be needing them again), some new much more interesting board books for the new baby, (even though they will ALWAYS want the same one over and over and over), lotsa licorice, and a movie to watch--when I woke this morning and turned on the tv for the weather, Sense and Sensibility was playing--at 4am--not very sensible in my books :)

    Hugs and love,

  3. Lots of thoughts there. Good for you- jotting them all in one place. That could help me immensely some days. May or may not find licorice for you for a B-day present...I know you'd love it, we'll see if I can find some.
    I popped over without knowing you'd written today- not too common an occurance, my popping over without being told to check it out one way or another...I should get back into my "scan every blog daily" mode. We'll see if I can pull myself away from my waste of life.
    I like water...time to pour me some more.
    Yellow IS a happy colour.
    Love and hugs and prayers- 2 kids is double the fun, right?