Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We all of us have a calling. Several callings, really, that apply to different aspects of our lives.  At this time my prevailing vocations are those of stay-at-home mother and housewife.

Because these are my primary callings, I often find myself immersed in chores that are not my favourite.  I've never been too keen on laundry or dishes.  Ironing isn't the bees knees.  But I have learned to be content and even joyful when I do them (and try to stop griping) as doing them is part of the other thing that is so wonderful.

It is a great opportunity to spend so much time with my young son whilst growing our second child.  I get to help our son learn and grow.  I get to see all little developments and changes.  It's truly amazing, even while being tiring and rather difficult.

I don't always do the best job at my callings.  I grump about dishes, growl about reading the same book for the 11th time in a row, complain that I just mopped the floor 2 hours ago and look at it! and whinge that I'm too tired to make dinner and wouldn't we all prefer takeaway?  And worst of all, I get frustrated that my primary callings supersede the less important ones, which I'll be honest, are sometimes more fun and rewarding.

There was a day when, standing at the sink washing another load of dishes, I had a realization that I was abhoring my God-given tasks.  When I whinge and wish and wonder why I don't get to do other things, I'm taking for granted all of the blessings that God has richly poured into my life, like the fact that we have enough to plan different dinners and the plates are dirty because we are full.

There are parts to every vocation that aren't fun.  That's not the point.  The point is, we are called to do them.  It's hard for us to remember this in a self-centered, super-instant-gratification society, its how it goes.  If the crap is not shovelled from the elephant stall, who's going to want to ride him?

So I encourage you to embrace the difficult parts of your callings.  Learn to love them in silly ways, even if it's just seeing them done!  For example, some parts of my callings are frustrating or difficult for me, so I relish the fun bits.  I love cooking and baking and continue to experiment and play despite the extra dishes that come along with them.  And Adrian always appreciates my efforts, even if the little fellow does not.  In fact, cooking and cookbooks have become my primary hobby.  I have no time to read books (because I am one of those people who just wants to read 'til they are done), but I can peruse a cookbook.

There are also amazing and wonderful parts to vocation.  I love my little boy cuddles and hugs and the silly times we have.  It's heart-filling and so fantastic.  So many other wonderful things as well...

Most vocations are in part transitory.  I won't always be a stay-at-hom mom, even if there will always be dishes.  Keep going, you can do it!

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