Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red, Hot Mama

The human denizens of the world can quite easily be divided into two groups.  You might think these would be the haves and have-nots.  You might think they were people who speak English and those who don't.  Those who watch sport and those who play it.  Those who don't understand mathematics and those who do.

Actually, you can split people into a ridiculous amount of groups.  I seem to be getting away from the point here.

In the world are freezers and heaters.  Freezers are (quite obviously) people who are cold.  This is not limited to people stuck in snowbanks, but rather includes those who feel cold most of the time and require an extra sweater, even in the middle of July (January).  Contrarily, heaters are those who run hot and not only from slaving over a hot stove.  Heaters wear shorts when the sun shines.

I am a heater.  I have been known to wear sandals in the snow (not always on purpose), to always wear a singlet despite the time of year because it just gets too hot sometimes and you need to cool down.  I used to routinely pass the sweater I was wearing to a friend of mine who was a freezer.  A nice synergism, I suppose.

Australia is hot.  Not today, but often.  A few days ago, I and my family spent most of the day outside.  It was 32.  Given that it's technically winter here, that was a wee bit unexpected and, especially for heaters such as me, not pleasant especially when you remember that a baby + outside = holding the child.  Holding a child means raising the temperature of the caregiver by about 24 C or 12682 Kelvin.  And (this is the really fun bit), mothers warm when holding babies as their bodies try to keep them warm.

That and the sunburn that I picked up whilst trying to block all rays from hitting my little one made for quite a day.

Talk about a red, hot mama!


  1. well, I, your sister, am a freezer (except when I'm big and pregnant, which I currently am not) and I rarely burn under the sun. You will see me wearing socks and sleeved-shirts during the summer months--although, up here in the frozen north, we don't have 32 degree weather even in the summer sometimes....we should spend time together and maybe our temps would normalize?
    Hugs to you and your baby and hubby!

  2. I am a freezer, Hubby is a heater. lol I never thought of it this way until reading it ;)

  3. I think your conversion to Kalvin is a little off...

    However, I seem to be a bit of a freezer, but not always. I mean, wearing shirt sleeves when you're in 18 degree air conditioning is just smart. I freeze frequently at work (and as far as I know cold hands are not a prerequisite for the job, nor is bad handwriting).