Monday, August 8, 2011


All I can really remember from physics class in high school is that something that has come to stop takes more force to move than moving something that is in motion.  Inertia is a mean ol' thing.  Of course, I may not have learned that in physics class.  I could just be attributing that to physics class... in which case all I really learned in physics class was that wind power is not viable for automotive transportation.  Unless, of course (taking into account things of which I now know), said vehicle was in WA, but still you could only go one direction.  Oh, and I learned that if you throw Landon's crutch into the centre of the earth and it doesn't burn up, it'll just spin forever.

This really wasn't my physics teacher's fault.  I have not got the physics type brain.  Perhaps I'll look for one on ebay.  Although if one was being sold, that would be a whole other problem.  Should we then alert the media or the police to let them know that brains were being sold?  And did the brainless people know that their brains had been taken?  Should we be on the lookout for zombies that walk among us?  Should we question federal politicians to try to determine if they were the donors? Nah, too difficult.  (A shameless political joke.  I must be lazy!)

Not the point.

Inertia is a difficult thing to stop (ha ha!).  Life around here has been busy.  One young person makes much laundry, changes all schedules, limits sleep, defeats the weak, orders shoes on the internet (oh wait, that was someone else), exponentially multiplies the joy, and takes up much time.  Whilst it is an amazing thing to have a little person here, I found that I was getting frustrated and tired.  Why? I wasn't getting anything done.  I'd do laundry.  There would be more laundry to do.  This was especially frustrating if the first laundry hadn't actually gotten away yet.  I would have a list of projects to get done and everyday would have the same list of little projects.  Everyday it seemed that less and less got done and I got tireder and tireder.  Suddenly it was all "Oh, the baby will be awake in a minute.  I should just watch a bit of television and put my feet up."  Or, "I haven't checked facebook in a bit.  Is anyone on to talk to?"

I should posit that this happened in a lovely time I like to call "pre-teething" which involves sleep regression, short, spluttery day time naps and bad weather.  It was only a few days but it felt much longer.  Like a short decade, perhaps.

At any rate, the days were long, the accomplishments few.  I had enough.  I would not let that inertia overtake me!  So, when he went down to sleep I cleaned more than the basics, baked, did extra things and the time flew by.  And would you believe, at the end of it, I felt better! Less tired and happier in general.

So here is my challenge to you:  fight back against inertia!  Don't let it take you or steal Landon's crutches! On those tired days, get something done.  Maybe your physics homework. You'll feel better for it.  And you'll be able to make a better analogy.


  1. Oh, I think a wind powered car would be pretty awesome..


  2. I like your physics based musings. I too, am tired today, but I managed to get most of the things to do done by pushing through the tired. (Not nearly as tired as a sleep-deprived momma, but broken nights and working straight through the weekend give me a bit of a comparison).
    HUGS! Hooray for you being productive.
    There's a gold star out there, waiting for you!

  3. Yay for you Rebecca. I don't know that frustration to the full extent yet, but I am anticipating it once our little one arrives. At the moment I am trying to get all the little things (and not so little things) done. Like finishing compiling the wedding album. Like changing addresses. Like sorting out the babies room. Like sorting through the study. Like getting baby shower thank you's done... But congratulations for not letting inertia and procrastination (?) get the better of you.

    Love to you and your little family, Julie Prenzler

  4. what is strangely coincidental is that on Aug 7 in the evening, Katrina asked me what inertia meant. And I fuddled/muddled my way through an answer and told her she should ask her Uncle Peter--he understands physics--I got the gist (sp?) of it across, but then when I read your post the next day, I laughed and laughed!

    Don't worry, the days of giggles and fun will outweigh the days of inertia soon (I think)!