Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sometimes the north/south thing gets me.  I'm used to how things operate in Canada and am getting used to how they go in Australia.  Somethings work out better than others, but you should know there is one place where I consistently fail:


How can you fail potluck, you ask?  Oh, it's easier than you might think.  I've been to plenty of potlucks in my day and you get used to what you can bring, what people like and go for and of what you always need more.  Greek salads seem to work.  Hot potato dishes.  There's always bread and some sort of meat in a sauce.  And meat in sauce is always the crowd favorite.  I felt well versed in this art form.  After all, I'm a rostered Lutheran church worker.  Potluck is practically a parish service course.  PS103, if I remember correctly.

At the first potluck here, I brought pasta salad.  People saw it.  Studied it.  Moved on.
Grade: FAIL.

At another I had a brilliant thought.  Everyone loves curry.  And I just happened to have an amazing Indonesian rendang recipe.  I filled my house with spicy smells early in the morning and made up a big bowl of rice.  As I ladled the food in the serving bowl I noticed a problem.  Not nearly enough food.  It was enough for two hungry people.  While it was enjoyed, it lasted about 3 minutes.  Employing the standard potluck algorithm of deliciousness/amount, I'd come in lacking.
Also, I made squares and it was one of the first times I baked in this oven.  They were too soft so I left them in for a bit as the oven cooled.  Then they were rocks. They didn't make the trip to the potluck, but a handy packet of Tim Tams did.
Grade: FAIL

I learned from my failures though and noticed trends.  I tried a pasta casserole for the next one.  So did almost everyone else.  Mine was relegated to the back of the line and never used.  People asked where the curry was.
Grade: super sad and depressing FAIL.

I should posit there there were occasional passing grades in between these hassles.  I brought green salad a lot.  Everyone eats salad.  But it was very bad on my ego as I'm generally very happy with the standard of what comes out of my kitchen.  It always seems to be on the day that I bring fruit salad everyone else brings sausage rolls, or if I bring cookies, they bring cakes.  I'm just not making the grade.

Last week, I brought a pasta casserole with homemade sauce to potluck.  I was proud of it.  It turned out to not even really be a potluck, but just nibbles and desserts.  It was giant and barely touched.  It got left out during the meeting and then had to be thrown out.
Grade: A large continuous FAIL.

There are days when not even a Kathleen Edwards song can get you out of a potluck slump.  But I have hope that I'll get there one day.

What do you bring to a potluck?


  1. I never it remember it is on so...nothing. I guess that's a Fail?!

    You bringing the new PK to church will NOT be a fail and will cover you for a million not-quite-right meals!! Bank on it. x

  2. homemade bread--sometimes YAY other times FAIL!!

    The girls made a yummy dish once--layers of pudding, and whipped cream with soda crackers between the layers, all topped off with a can of pie filling. No bake, easy and yummy, right? Wrong--the crackers were STALE and not just a little bit--they had a bad flavour and while we noticed this before we had done much assembly there was still one layer of them in the dish and, IMO, they soured the whole thing. THe girls wanted to be proud of it so we saved what we could but I felt so bad. Sidenote: Premium Plus Crackers have an expiry date that should be noted!!

    Also, make chili or meatballs for the next one--ALWAYS a winner. Don't make half-cooked (aka pink in the middle) cabbage rolls as were presented by someone at the last pot luck--yikes!

  3. I don't think I've been to a pot luck since I've lived out of home but I had a bit of a bring some food to share and EVERYONE I kid you not bought mini quiche! :) it was nuts! I guess the name suggests it's all a bit of luck! ;)

  4. ...I meant to put in there I had a bring some food to share for my hens night! silly

  5. Hey Bec,
    So potlucks are different down under? As I was sitting here thinking down under--- food... then funny me I thought pineapple upside down cake :)
    LOL really I am so funny.

    So as for real ideas... have you tried a personal favorite of mine the hashbrown cheese and mushroom soup thing.... sooooo yummy...

    What else.... shepards pie.... ummmm

    I will think more and let you know :)
    But remember (and this is from a teacher)
    you only really fail when you stop trying :)

    Love you,
    Miss you,