Friday, December 14, 2012

The Adventures of Tall and Small

Oh the places they'll go! Oh, the things they already get up to!

Once upon a time there were two little boys, Tall and Small.  Tall was about 20 months old, while Small was only three.  Together they get up to many hijinks, although whether Small is a consenting participant remains to be seen.

Tall can be found scaling chairs and tables, trying to reach the sky.  Why?  Probably for the view as was evidenced by his climb up a stepladder in the middle of a room.  He stood atop his red plastic perch and proudly surveyed all that surrounded him.  Everything looks better two feet higher up.

Tall experiments with what exactly will fit into a VCR (two dvds and a remote) and learns the best way to turn things on.  He is driven to use things in the manner of his parents and may be found with a sharp knife in one hand and a zucchini in the other trying to recreate what his mother just did (and then turned her back, the silly woman, giving an ample three seconds for a knife to be absconded). He will turn the vacuum cleaner on merely for the joy of pressing the button, explore the functions of the stereo, pull out plants by the stem to investigate the roots, page through any book within (and some that were without) reach.

Small is mainly dragged along for the ride.  Tall attempts to carry him or roll him on the floor.  On one occasion Mom (more commonly referred to as "Da") entered a room to find Tall sitting on Small's chest.  At this point "Da" made a noise - a high pitched oddly squeaky noise that indicated "get-off-of-him-now-I-never-want-to-see-that-again-I-think-I-am-going-insane-is-he-okay".

Small does his best to join the shenanigans, rolling over at two months (consistently).  "Da" wonders how long it will be 'til he scoots about the house as she sees him push off the floor in a hands free motion ("the seal").

Tall continues to make his presence known, removing books on at a time from the same library shelf and bringing them to the kindhearted librarian.  He enjoys chasey and doesn't have fear, as is evidenced by the time that he decided to cross the road alone. "Da" was not appreciative, but caught him quickly and was thankful that it was not a busy road.

Tall helps with the shopping, adding to carts that which he feels is necessary.  He has a big call in life for long-life milk, cereal and bread - really anything that is on the lower shelves.  He empties drawers and containers and splashes in the sink.  The hose really is a top-notch invention in the humble opinion of Tall.

Tall loves Small.  He hugs him and pats him (sometimes hard).  Tall enjoys a cup of coffee (if ever he sees one unattended, it tends to get sipped.  They tend to not be unattended anymore).  Tall has a long reach and can get to everything now, it seems.

Sometimes Tall shows his maturity by putting away all of the crayons, closing the container, putting it back in the cupboard and putting away his colouring book.  Other times he tries to feed Small, even once when Small lay on  the floor, so Tall threw a cherry tomato at him.  Tall also tries to feed his parents.  He likes to share.

Small works on using a fist and seeing what he can grab.  He often snags hearts, but he uses his smiles for those.  He bellows loudly while held to catch attention so he can smile brightly into the face nearest.

When walking with Small and "Da", Tall likes to point out things along the way: trees and trucks, dogs and children. He waves to strangers and makes them smile.  He throws bread to ducks and has been stung by an ant.  His legs are scuffed from running too fast while distracted by everything.  He has mastered climbing "Da" and can now be piggybacked.  He leans down for a kiss and a giggle while riding on shoulders.

Oh, the adventures of Small and Tall are exciting everyday, even as at the moment Small claws his own face trying to determine what's what.  He's drawn blood.

What shall they do next?


  1. Oh the wisdom of Da and the busy that must be hers. May she ever enjoy these characters and the wonder of each. We look forward to ongoing adventures of Tall and Small. May they never grow larger than her heart can carry. Is that even possible for a Mother?

  2. Wonderful wonders of Tall and Small. I do hope Small doesn't try to catch up to Tall too quickly!

    Hugs to 'Da' and dad...praying that your boys continue to grow well in the Lord! LOVE!

  3. Small and Karl are truly related. Karl cannot roll yet, however, the clenching at his own face in order to draw blood, I'll never understand that one. He did that last night. He also spends quite some time telling us stories of "goo, gooo, coo, gurgle gurgle, puke, gurgle, gooooo, gheeeee, gurgle..." quite cute (except the puke part). He has discovered that fingers can be sucked on and so can knuckles. His sister decided to see if he'd like to suck on her fingers--apparently he does. I'm trying to dissuade her from offering her fingers in the future. His siblings all want to see him giggle and smile and they dote on the poor thing. ONe of the favourite past-times is, while he's sleeping, to poke him and see if he'll wake up. I'm sure that's not really the intention but it drives me batty.
    Hugs my dear! Keep on chronicling the adventures of Tall and Small--I love to read them!

  4. what great adventures they are having xx