Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fear of the Known

I'm not going to lie, as excited as I am about baby number two - who could arrive anytime really as we're just over three weeks from the due date -, I've gotten scared too.

In this I am not alone.  I've heard from many mothers that the second child is a bit scarier.  You are going into this knowing just how hard it is sometimes.  You know what sleeplessness feels like, you've held and cajoled in crankiness, sickness and all sorts.  You know that teeth are a cruel form of punishment.  You know how much labour really does hurt.  You have a better appreciation of things that are happening and therefore a greater knowledge of all that can go wrong.

Last week, we went into the hospital to check things out.  All's well, we just wanted to make sure.  One very good thing came from that visit.  The fear went away.  Sitting in the hospital with a rather excited husband (he was suddenly hit by the thoughts that come with the joy of a new baby), I knew that it was all going to happen.  So what if I'm not ready? So what if it's hard and our well working schedule goes bye-bye?

This is an adventure and a fantastic thing that is happening.  Our baby is a blessing from God and He will sustain us through all the sleepless nights, the frustrations and woes.  One look at my eldest, grinning at me is enough to remind me that it's certainly all worth it!


  1. Guess what--even when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your fourth it's still scary! I know it will hurt and yet when I get painful contractions, I'm pleased that they are coming and almost comforted by the overwhelming pain. I'm so glad this week is coming to an end and that tomorrow I will see this baby. You too will be at this point shortly and will be holding your baby--and everything will be harder, but with God's help you will see it through and probably be thinking of your third before you know it!
    Hugs and love,

  2. No personal experience here, but I hear you!! I will continue to keep you and your upcoming L&D in my prayers, as well as the fun of parenting a newborn again! Good thing you know there are people awake with you through those sleepless nights!
    I love you! God bless!