Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

Ever feel like there's too much to get done and no way to do it all without help?  I feel that way sometimes.  Having a child can make getting things done difficult.  The priorities become everyone fed, watered, slept, wearing clean clothes? And I'm done.

But that's not actually when I'm done.  In this pregnancy, my first trimester was super hard because of the fatigue.  Little boy was not sleeping well at all as he was cross cutting teeth.  That means he was grumpy and waking up every three hours.  Or two hours.  Or one hour.  Every hour/ hour and a half.  Every night for a few weeks.  In the daytime I was completely useless.  I'd manage a few menial chores and then retreat to my couch where I could keep an eye on little fellow and watch Jessica Fletcher solve crime.

She's actually quite a terrifying person.  Everywhere she goes, someone is murdered.  She has no problem with this. Ever.

That's besides the point.  I really wanted a helper.  And now I've got one.

He picks things off the floor and puts them on tables.  Very helpful.  We're still working on discretion in this area as shoes don't belong on tables, but we're getting there.

When I sweep the floor, he holds the broom and helps direct it.  He's incredibly meticulous and will stand in one spot sweeping a square foot for 4 minutes before attempting to put the broom away.

Folding laundry is a bit different.  He prefers the casual look to clean clothes and will delightedly unfold and strew them about.  I'm not yet sold on the idea, but give me time.

While working in the kitchen he helps reorganise.  This is a much needed thing as since my second trimester nesting has kicked in I want to (in essence, not with superhuman skill) pick up the house and shake everything out so that I can sort it and organise it and put it away in a better place than it currently is.  He'll open a drawer or cupboard and put things away where they should go.  It's making me think.  The golden syrup goes in with the pots and pans.  As does the vanilla.  One lucky pot gained some cup measures.  The mill goes on the floor for easy access.  The pot lid goes in the drawer with the auxiliary kitchen tools.  The lemon press goes in with the reusable plastics.

He's got skills.

We've been trying to figure out how we will fit everything for two children in the nursery as we want the children to share (after the first bit, anyway) and I realized that our hall cupboard which is really the only storage place in the house needed to house more blankets and whatnot to get them out of the room.  Only problem is, the cupboard was already full.  So non-linen closet items are moving to the (now) storage room.  The little fellow and I spent a companionable few hours pulling out all the items on the bottom two shelves, sorting them and moving them.

It was then that I realised what an amazing helper I had.  I love it when he helps.  Really I do.  Even when it makes things take longer.  However, it does get frustrating sometimes.  I find that as he gets more independent and needs less cuddles and mom near him all the time that I can get frustrated with him more easily.  It's because I miss out on the cute ways that he does things.  The thoughtful air behind it all.  I'm not the best mother, crafting and time managementy and perfect, but I do love my child.  When I have to chase him down to get him to leave his nappy bin alone and to get out of that drawer for the 800th time, I forget the inquisitive nature, the adventurous spirit, the sheer curiosity that my little boy has.  Working with him as we destroyed today was fantastic.  We laughed and giggled and played about and eventually got things done.

I wouldn't trade my little helper.  Things will get done when they need to but I'm going to enjoy this slower, silly pace on the way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your little helper. Isn't it amazing what a new perspective these little ones give to our ordinary lives.

    (And Jessica Fletcher is a bit spooky when you think about it as stated above.)