Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As I sat behind my son in the children's message, I was slightly amused to see him hold hands with a six year old girl.  "Aww," my brain sighed as I looked at the overwhelming cuteness ahead of me.  Then I thought something more foreboding, "this won't be so cute in 12 years."

I used to try so hard to make sure our son didn't eat toys that hit the ground, the dirt, the kitchen floor.  I sterilised toys wash them frequently.  And then I wonder why.  Why go to all this bother when he likes to chew on the rental car seat, a friend's shoe, and - just yesterday and thankfully not certainly - a dead bug?

Why do I have so much to blog about and no time to do it?  He's just one small person!



  1. ah yes. And the time, it keeps disappearing...I never have time for the housework...sterilizing toys--that would be a good 4yo *still* puts random items in her mouth. Yesterday at the rec. centre, K & N had gymnastics. I had random halloween candy in my pocket (as mothers ought to, right?!) so I gave one to N, one to K, and one to M. N dropped hers on the filthy floor at the rec centre and before I could stop her, she picked it up popped it in her mouth--just for a split second and I had her throw it out, but still. Why sterilize?! It's phenomenal what they get into and yet we still try to protect them from the evil germs.

    I still remember seeing a mom with a baby in a stroller and a toddler hanging onto her leg, walking around in mall. The baby's soother fell out of its mouth and onto the ground. Without a second thought, the mom picked up the soother, stuck it in *her own* mouth and then returned it to the baby's mouth. I was utterly horrified, but now that I think of it I can see her perspective--"a few germs or screeeeeeaming for hours?"....

    Hugs Reba! xxoo

  2. There is such a tension between blogging about the great things of motherhood and then stopping to experience those great things! :) I feel it every day!
    (Not to mention the not so great things- those can be blogged too!)