Thursday, December 8, 2011

His First Joke!

Our son is awesome.  And brilliant.  And hilarious.

A couple of months ago (let's face it, I have to do a massive blog catch up right now), Adrian was playing with our son.  The little boy would lean his nose down and touch Adrian's nose.  Adrian, suitably impressed, called out to me to pay attention.  Our son promptly leaned forward and chomped on Adrian's nose, then pulled back and laughed.

His first joke.  It's a good sign.  Already he's learned some crucial things about being a funnyman.  You need to set up the joke, in this case repetition.  Then, wait for the audience.  No sense being funny when no one appreciates it!  Go for the style of humour that suits you, in this case, slapstick.  His lack of vocab really limits most other forms.  Except, maybe for political comment. And of course, he's got those Canadian genes, so funny's in the bag.  Or perhaps on the nose...

Which Canadian funny person do you like?  Or Australian, for that matter.